Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tile Update!

Today started very early in the Burns' household! Since Mike & I both work third shift it is a rare occasion for us to be up at 7:45am! Brian showed up at our house at 8 this morning and the boys worked all day long on tiling the master bathroom.

Since I had school today, I missed most of the action. But before I left Mike & Brian were singing "Remind Me" by Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood and cutting tiles with a wet saw, so manly! LOL! It was hilarious!

Here is the bathroom with all the tiles down. It still needs grout, but it looks amazing!

Mike & Brian also put up the molding around our new door:

I can't wait for the real final products! :)

Tonight I am allowing myself to take a break from school work and Mike & I are going to watch our favorite show:

Biggest Loser!!

And I am making my favorite treat, Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies!

I am very thankful for this lazy night & for Mike & Brian for working all day long!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Your tile is looking great! I love their manly selection of a song. :) Looking forward to seeing your finished projects!

  2. I LOVE IT! lol and it seems like men put on a new hat when working with other men, when we did the floors tommy was like a different guy it was SO funny!

  3. Oh my goodness!! I love the tile and the new back door! I can't wait to see it in person!!