Monday, November 14, 2011

Beginning Stages

Today Mike and his extremely handy best buddy Brian installed a new backdoor for us!
Mike and Brian (aka Evanoff) met in the LMPD police academy and have been great friends ever since. They now work together in the 8th division and seriously talk everyday (on HEY tell)!!

Here is the before door:

.. and an outside view:

They also began working on preparing our master bathroom to be tiled! I'M SO EXCITED!!

Before pictures:
The ugly linoleum!!

Sanding & prepping the floor:

The sub floor installed, waiting for the tile:

And finally... OUR NEW BACK DOOR!! (No molding yet, but I will post pics of the final product!)

The boys will be up early tomorrow tiling the bathroom! Can't wait for the final results!!

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  1. I LOVE the new door! (And what great weather for a project like this to be completed!) I'm sure your new tile is going to look just as great. You and Mike are a handy DIY pair! :)