Wednesday, November 30, 2011

School, school, school....

The reason I haven't posted in so long is due to school. I have been completely consumed with projects and finals.

This book has been my enemy over the past 2 weeks
I have had to design a 10 week training program for a hypothetical athlete. NOT FUN. Needless to say I am so ready for this semester to be over. This has been the hardest semester I have ever had at the University of Louisville.

My last day of real class is tomorrow! HALLELUJAH!!!! I am looking forward to our annual girls Christmas tea party this Saturday! I promise to be blogging about fun stuff after tomorrow!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Birthday Weekend

I had a wonderful birthday weekend! Saturday was a nice relaxing day and it was wonderful getting to actually spend my birthday with Mike this year! (Last year, for three weeks, Mike worked in the landfill with the LMPD police academy. He would work 12-15 hour days, so I didn't get to spend my birthday with him last year. Luckily I have an amazing sister who made sure I still had a special day!)

Saturday evening Mike and I went out to eat with Elyse and Alex to celebrate my birthday. Before we left I opened my present from Mike:

Mike always get me the sweetest cards!

The "True Love" ring Mike got me!!

Toby was excited about my birthday too!

After opening my gift, we headed down to Elyse's house and I got to open up my present down there!

I got a turkey hand from Alexander!

I LOVE cards from Bubby!

I got Project Runway makeup and a beautiful scarf from Lysie, Alex and Alexander! (Bubby wouldn't look at the camera!)

Then the adults went to Martini for dinner!! It was so much fun and so delicious!

Elyse and I got Royal Flush martinis:

We had to get pictures with the Summit's Christmas decorations

This picture was a complete accident & we laughed about it the whole night!! The joke of the night was that this would be our Christmas card!!

After a lot of laughter, we went to Orange Leaf for dessert! It was amazing! It is a yogurt bar, where you can choose your flavor of yogurt and then add whatever toppings you like! I got birthday cake flavored yogurt, with brownies and sprinkles!

I had an amazing 24th birthday and enjoyed getting to spend a night out with Mike, Elyse and Alex! I can't wait to see what God has in store for my life this year!

Friday, November 18, 2011


I had a wonderful pre-birthday day! I spent the afternoon with Mike. We went to Target and purchased Christmas decorations! Then he took me to Chick-fil-a for lunch!
But nothing could compare to the excitement/anticipation I had all day long for my date I had planned with Elyse!

Elyse & I getting ready to leave!

Elyse took me to see Breaking Dawn: Part 1 tonight at the new cinemas here in town! We were just giddy about only having to drive two minutes to go see a movie! We expected a large crowd, but we were pleasantly surprised that no one was there!

I had to pose with the movie poster!

And of course with Jacob!!! LOVE!!!

Breaking Dawn was phenomenal!!! It seriously is the best movie of the Twilight Saga! Elyse and I didn't stop smiling throughout the whole movie! I highly recommend that you go see it! I want to go see it again!!!! :)

I had a great time just getting to spend time with my sister! She seriously is my best friend in the whole world! Thank you so much Lysie for taking me tonight! I had a blast!

My two favorite parts of the movie.. the wedding...

and Jacob :)

I had a great pre-birthday day! Can't wait to celebrate tomorrow!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tile Update!

Today started very early in the Burns' household! Since Mike & I both work third shift it is a rare occasion for us to be up at 7:45am! Brian showed up at our house at 8 this morning and the boys worked all day long on tiling the master bathroom.

Since I had school today, I missed most of the action. But before I left Mike & Brian were singing "Remind Me" by Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood and cutting tiles with a wet saw, so manly! LOL! It was hilarious!

Here is the bathroom with all the tiles down. It still needs grout, but it looks amazing!

Mike & Brian also put up the molding around our new door:

I can't wait for the real final products! :)

Tonight I am allowing myself to take a break from school work and Mike & I are going to watch our favorite show:

Biggest Loser!!

And I am making my favorite treat, Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies!

I am very thankful for this lazy night & for Mike & Brian for working all day long!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Beginning Stages

Today Mike and his extremely handy best buddy Brian installed a new backdoor for us!
Mike and Brian (aka Evanoff) met in the LMPD police academy and have been great friends ever since. They now work together in the 8th division and seriously talk everyday (on HEY tell)!!

Here is the before door:

.. and an outside view:

They also began working on preparing our master bathroom to be tiled! I'M SO EXCITED!!

Before pictures:
The ugly linoleum!!

Sanding & prepping the floor:

The sub floor installed, waiting for the tile:

And finally... OUR NEW BACK DOOR!! (No molding yet, but I will post pics of the final product!)

The boys will be up early tomorrow tiling the bathroom! Can't wait for the final results!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Recap!

This weekend began my week of VACATION! I am so thrilled to be off of work and the night shift schedule for 9 days! I celebrated Friday afternoon with a trip to the hair salon to get my locks highlighted and cut!

Saturday I woke up to GORGEOUS weather & took a run! When I got home it was time to get ready for my Dad & Rhonda's Pampered Chef Party! We also celebrated Rhonda's birthday. Here pictures capturing the night:

Bubby & I

Grandpa & Bubby

Rhonda opening her gifts

The theme of the Pampered Chef party was a wine tasting.

The night was fun, but ended strangely... it's a long story!!

Sunday we attended church and then headed over to Maw-maw's house to celebrate my 24th birthday! (My birthday isn't really until November 19th, but with everyone's busy schedules this was the perfect time to celebrate!)While we were waiting to eat Bubby read the news paper:

Bellie & I

Mike was really excited to eat & watch football (his favorite Sunday activity)!!

Maw-maw is a wonderful cook and prepared a delicious meal of pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes, broccoli casserole, apple salad and roles! I ate way to much!

Presents were next on the agenda! :)

My new makeup bag from Thirty-one! LOVE!!

Isabella got me a Jacob Black birthday card!

My new rug from Maw-maw & Paw-Paw!

Maw-maw surprised me with her amazing carrot cake!

Mike & I

After Maw-maw's, Mike and I went to Lowe's to purchase products for our next home projects that we will be tackling this week! We are tiling the master bathroom & installing a new back door! I will be sure to post before and after pictures of our projects!

This weekend was full of fun! Now I have to study & finish a paper. Boo! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


How do people make it through life without a sister?
I am beyond blessed to have my two sisters! They are my best & lifelong friends!
I love you Lysie & Pammy! So thankful for both of you!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Quick Workout!

Today was a very busy day, as usual. Most of my days are jam packed, but I try to make fitness a priority. Today Mike and I did this intense workout! Since we are both busy we try to find quick high-intensity workouts. Here is the workout:

You will need a rack with a barbell & weights, and a treadmill. (I would much rather run outside, but this way you can increase the speed & really push yourself.)

For time (performing workout as fast as possible)
30 Back squats (lifting your body weight)
1/4 mile run
20 Back squats
1/2 mile run
10 Back squats
1 mile run

I completed this killer workout in 18:09, Mike was just behind me at 19:35.

Workouts don't have to be long and drawn out to be effective. Short high-intensity workouts are just as, if not more effective!
Try this workout for a guaranteed burn! ENJOY!