Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Today I took a personal day from school & enjoyed a whole day with Mike & my wonderful family! Mike and I slept in and went to the gym together. Then we headed off for our weekly trip to Wal-mart.

We came home & I started on dinner, since we planned to go to Elyse's tonight to watch Alexander and Isabella trick-or-treat! I made homemade pizza tonight! Here is the finished product:

Then we packed up our candy in our new candy bowl...

and headed down to Elyse's house. Bubby and Uncle Mike played blocks and wrestled while Elyse and I talked & she made dinner!

Silly boys!!

Alexander got dressed up in his costume while we waited for Pammy, Demetrius and Bellie to arrive!

Finally Bellie arrived & it was time to go Trick-or-Treating!

Mike and I handed out candy while the babies got lots of yummy candy for their parents!!

We had a wonderful day today. There is nothing in the world I enjoy more than being an Aunt!! Happy Halloween everybody!!

Friday, October 28, 2011


Just a quick post of my adorable puppy!
Mike and I always joke that since we are both so busy Toby needs to pull some weight and help out with household chores! This was his attempt of helping me make the bed today!

First Post!

I have been inspired and encouraged to start blogging (thanks Savannah & Cristal)! So here goes my first post:

Tuesday, October 25th marked three years since Mike, my WONDERFUL husband, came into my life. Although we had known each other and had even worked in the same area, it wasn't until this day that God set his plan for my life into motion!  We both attended a University of Louisville football game and got reconnected. Since that day we have been together and what a beautiful journey it has been. God has blessed me with such an amazing husband. My life is so much sweeter because Mike is in it! I love you Mike! Happy 3 years!

Our first picture together- October 25, 2008: