Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break: Days 3 & 4

Wednesday afternoon, Mike & I, along with our realtors/friends Nicki & Bobby, headed down to Lexington, KY to cheer on our high school boys basketball team in the state tournament! We had a lot of fun even though the boys did not win.

We ate at a delicious restaurant after the game, DeSha's, & enjoyed good food & great company!

Thursday morning I headed over to my younger sister, Pamela's house to watch my niece Isabella for the morning.

That afternoon we were expecting some nasty weather. Before it hit I wanted to snap a picture of my patio peach tree, since I was afraid the blooms were going to get blown off!

Toby loves storms and I was able to sneak up on him & snap a few adorable pics!

Later that evening Elyse hosted girls night at her house! I am very lucky that Elyse's friends let me come to their girls nights! It is always so much fun & the conversation & company is great! All the girls are so funny and sweet & getting to have a gab fest with a bunch of girls is always so refreshing!

The adorable babies!!

Spring break has been amazing so far & I don't want it to end!!

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