Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Funday + The Best Pinterest Recipe EVER!

Sundays are my most favorite day of the week! Usually Mike & I get to spend the day together & I absolutely love that! Today we started off our day with an intense workout. We both wanted to try a CrossFit workout from my uncle's website,(he owns his own CrossFit gym, which you can find here. Let me just warn you, this is a crazy workout, and is not for beginners! I don't think I've ever done anything so hard in my life. BUT I loved it!

The warm up consisted of front squats, 5 sets of four reps. I got up to 105lbs on my last two reps. Mike was doing much more.

The WOD (work out of the day) performed for time:
400 meter rum
21 thrusters (I used 45lb barbell; Mike used 95lb barbell)
21 pull ups *(I did assisted pull ups)
300 meter run
15 thrusters
15 pull ups
200 meter run
9 thrusters
9 pull ups

I completed this workout in 10:04!! Mike completed his in 11:28!!

When we came home we needed to refuel from our workout, so I made a healthy dish I found on Pinterest: Edamame Fried Rice. This is the best recipe I have made from Pinterest to date, and I will be making this again. Mike LOVED it & so did I!!
You can find the recipe here.

Now I am enjoying knowing that I don't have to go to school tomorrow!!!! Friday I have my last final & then I am officially FINISHED with college!!! WOO HOO!!
Hope you all had a great weekend!!

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  1. A great work-out and delish meal ... what a perfect Sunday!